02 February, 2008

Nip / Tuck - Cannibal Newlywed Wife ep

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I saw a clip of Sarah Silverman and Matt Damon singing I'm recreating Matt Damon. pretty funny. if I end my solar day w/ a laugh or smile, I know I had an awesome day.

tell me what you don't like about yourself? newlywed couple in consult explaining what happened during non-honeymoon. stuck in the snow for days. wife hypoglycemic... needed nourishment. husband cut pieces of his arm, cooked flesh w/ car lighter, and fed wife. he didn't want to lose her. AWWW. they want his arm back to normal. she pukes in trash can during consult. she's pretty. husband undergoes surgery. in recovery room he has reactions. needs to go to hospital. wife confesses that she wanted to nourish back her husband to health. she cut out pieces of flesh in her arm and fed it raw to her husband. Sean's like: don't you know how disgusting and bacteria filled human flesh is? husband reacting positively to antibiotics. wife undergoes plastic surgery for her arm... but will not heal completely.

Christian and Liz are at Gina's funeral service. it's packed... SRO. they're surprised that Gina touched so many lives. they're glad at the turnout. 1st speaker spoke for everyone. he's like: she's the best I've ever had. 2nd speaker goes up. he's like: she's the best I've ever had. 3rd speaker goes up. she's like: she's the best I've ever had. so basically Gina recreated w/ everyone in the room... well except for Liz. 1 speaker recreated w/ Gina only once. he's the guy who gave her AIDS. she forgave him.

Christian hasn't told Wilbur that his mom Gina's dead. he asks his dad where's momma? Christian's like: I killed her... I was horny and I wanted to recreate... I recreated her off the balcony. speaking of recreation, Christian recreates w/ Wilbur's preschool teacher. she says that Wilbur still bites the other children. Christian does not believe this and doesn't want his son to get kicked out of school. he wants stability for Wilbur. he's like: what can I do for this preschool? next thing you know they're recreating and she bites Christian on the neck like a vampire. so she's the one who's biting the children. he plans to turn her in and match his bite mark and the children's bite marks via her teeth impressions. teacher tries to outsmart Christian and gets her teeth capped. she still gets fired. Christian in the end of the ep gives Wilbur a kick ass puppy. what an awesome dad. he tells Wilbur that whenever he thinks or misses his momma play w/ his kick ass puppy. he tells him his momma's not coming back.

Sean, while operating on newlywed husband, gets paid a visit by some hot shot talent agent and his posse. he's being recruited. Sharon Gless, who plays Colleen his talent agent, wants him to fix her hammer toes. she has a hobby of making teddy bears. in recovery she presents Sean w/ a bear dressed in medical garb and also can say 'tell me what you don't like about yourself'. while there the hot shot talent agent's telling Sean that the plane's ready for them to go to build houses for hurricane Katrina victims. Colleen's pissed. she arranges a meeting w/ hot shot at her apartment. he's like: you live here?... gross. she gives him a teddy bear she made w/ dentures in its mouth. she's like: this is you... you like to bite and spit people out. he's about to leave. she hits him w/ the Asti bottle he refused to have a drank w/ her earlier. he wakes up and he's duct taped to a chair. think Misery w/ James Caan. Sharon Gless kicks ass in this scene. totally different from her Cagney & Lacey days. don't remember much about that show... except they were kick ass cops. she takes out the duct tape from his mouth, puts a tube in it and fills him up w/ teddy bear stuffing material. she then tacks on teddy bear eyes on his eyes. she steals his blackberry and e-mail everyone that hot shot's gonna go to Africa. she and Sean are like: can we start over?

in next week's ep it's like a another blast from the CBS past. the women of Knots Landing will guest star. I thought Donna Mills and Nicollete Sheridan were pretty.

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