01 February, 2008

Lost - Season Premiere

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papayas on TV screen. thinkin' would see helicopters landing picking up the survivors. instead car crashes into papayas. it's a car chase being shown all over the news. car crashes and cops tell the guy to get out. I'm thinkin' it would be Sawyer... but too obvious. so I'm thinkin' it has to be Hurley cuz he crashed his VW van into one of the Others in the last ep. it is him... and he's yelling stuff like: don't you know who I am?... I'm one of the Oceanic 6. so this is a flashforward. so he, Jack, Kate, perhaps Sawyer, the guy in the coffin and 1 other person were rescued. then again I'm just guessing Kate's w/ Sawyer. but in the end of tonight's ep Sawyer chose to go w/ Locke. so maybe Sawyer's not one of the 6. and if they're celebrities, wouldn't the guy in the coffin have more people at his memorial service?

on the island they're all like: the plan worked... we're gonna get rescued... we're gonna go home. Hurley gets aquatic. he's swimmin' around and sees Desmond. Charlie's dead. Jack talks to the guy w/ Naomi's fancy walkie-talkie. that guy wants to talk to her... but she's gone. Jack asks Ben where she went. don't know if he knows. but Ben's telling the French woman to get his daughter, actually her daughter, out of there as fast as she can. she punches him in the face. I think Kate said she found 2 trails. Jack tracks 1 and takes the French woman and Ben w/ him. Kate goes to the other. hmmm... this is boring.

Hurley and the guys at the beach have to meet Jack and everybody else. he's walking around the forest and can't keep up w/ Sawyer and the other guys. he comes across the house where Jacob is. there was someone sitting in a rocking chair... thought it was Locke... but don't think it was him. he and Locke are like: Jack shouldn't radio Naomi's people.

the flashforward. ok... so Hurley's at a store. he freaks out at the register and that's how the car chase begins. he's in a holding cell and the cop asks if he knows Ana Lucia. he says he didn't. why did he lie? when cop goes to get a donut Hurley freaks out. outside the 1way mirror/window it's like he's under the sea... sorta like how Charlie's in the Looking Glass station w/ the bad ass Soviet guy swimmin' outside. Hurley imagines water rushing in and freaks out. cop says he can put him in an institution. he's like: hooray.

so in the institution Hurley gets a visit from this dude who says he can put him in a fancy institution. he asks Hurley: are they still alive? so who's there? so I'm thinkin' again about the 6. Sun must be 1 of the 6 cuz she's pregnant and pregnant women die on the island. Jin could have found out that the baby's not his and so he must have stayed behind. Hurley also gets a visit from Charlie. I think he kept saying: they need you. Hurley also gets a visit from Jack. and Jack's like: did you say anything? and this is before Jack become insane himself.

I tried to watch Eli Stone... but couldn't get into it. kept thinking Ally McBeal and her theme song ep. sure enough he has this funky case and his theme song is Faith by George Michael. good thing Lost is on Thursdays. it will not interfere w/ Top Model or Project Runway on Wednesdays.

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