10 January, 2008

Project Runway - Prom Dress ep

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tonight's ep the designers had to create a prom dress for their teenage clients. the teens got to choose who they wanted to work with based on their portfolios. on the catwalk the last girl chose Rami... but when the girls met with the designers Victorya (not Rami) was the last designer chosen.

Christian and his client disagreed on several things about her prom dress. he looked so defeated... but he made it to the next round. Ricky cried (again) in this ep. didn't care much for his design. to me, his and Victorya's designs looked similar in form except Victorya's dress had colorful beads. don't understand what the judges saw her design... but it was good enough for her to be the winner.

I thought Sweet P or Chris should have won. apparently the model in Chris' portfolio wearing all the outfits is him in drag. I still expect him and Rami to be in the final 3. I thought Kevin would make it to the final 3... but he's OUT. don't have a particular fav at the moment who I would hope make it to the finals. I have a feeling it will be Victorya because for some reason the judges love her designs.

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