17 January, 2008

Project Runway - Avant Garde / Ready To Wear ep

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show started w/ designers choosing models. challenge based on designers creating avant garde outfit based on models' hairstyle. Ricky last one to pick. he had 3 to choose from. expected him to cry and give some swan song speech before eliminating 2 models. surprisingly he just picked one. 'blah and blah... you're out... Auf Wiedersehen'. kiss kiss.

in design room Tim told contestants they would be working in pairs. drew names and teams were Kit/Ricky, Rami/Sweet P, Chris/Christian, and Jillian/Victorya. hmmm... tried to list teams like how they do with AVP matches. designers had to choose one model's hairstyle for their inspiration.

Kit/Ricky's model's hair reminded them of a bird's nest. 'one of you will be in... and one of you will be out'. Rami/Sweet P's model hair looked regular. I knew though he would do some draping outfit. Chris/Christian's model's hair looked like a beehive... like Marge Simpson... but not as huge. Jillian/Victorya's I immediately thought equestrian. 'one of you will be in... and one of you will be out'. at this point no tears from Ricky yet.

$300 budget... blah blah blah. they're working on designs. oh... I have 2 thoughts about Victorya. she has immunity and does not step up to be the team leader. so I thought... she's not a team player. then again I thought... hmmm... it's a contest and so she's playing smart. if Jillian's team leader and they lose, then she's out.

Rami's kinda hard on Sweet P. 'one of you will be in... and one of will be out. Auf Wiedersehen'. kiss kiss. so designers are working and Tim throws a curve at the contestants and tell them they also must create something ready to wear. Sweet P cries. what really surprised me is that Ricky hasn't cried yet.

runway show, models go down catwalk. Chris/Christian's avant garde outfit is wild. to me it did look like a beehive and there was this part of the dress sticking out from the model's neck... thought honeycomb. ready to wear outfit had one of Christian's jackets that he likes to make along w/ a skirt. I knew they would win and they did. 'Christian, you are the winner. you will have immunity for the next challenge. one of you will be out'. so their design gets to be featured in some magazine.

boring outfit from Rami, who I still think will be in the final 3. Sweet P's commercial dress impressed judges. Jillian/Victorya's avant garde looked like an equestrian outfit... something like in Madonna's last World Tour. commercial dress so so cuz made last minute. liked concept of Kit's dress... but executed poorly. she's out. only surprise for me w/ today's ep... Ricky didn't cry.

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