23 January, 2008

Nip / Tuck

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'tell me what you don't like about yourself?' wealthy 100 yr old client wants her lover to be retroscaped. they've been together for 20 yrs. when they 1st met he was a struggling actor/artist expecting her not to live much longer. when she dies he would get everything in her estate. at the time she wanted her man smooth so he agreed to have all his body hair removed. now she feels her man needs to be a man and wants him to be hairy again. he gets a mustache, side burns and chest hair. he does as she wishes. he wants to leave her. but she bought him a Bentley. they recreate in the recovery room and he dies. at the end she moves on and has a new lover. Christian and Sean are like: isn't it too soon to move on? shouldn't you show some respect? she's like: I don't have that much time left. I can't live in the past. I have to live in the present. how powerful. she gives her new lover the Bentley if he agrees to get rid of his chin dimple.

Julia's girlfriend's daughter, who poisoned Julia w/ something cuz she's still sick, is on the medical show set. she recreates w/ the star of the show. somehow their recreation is taped and is all over YouTube. show star accuses Sean of sabotage. he's like: I thought we were friends. Sean's like: if we're friends why did you sleep w/ the girl I slept w/? they fight. but Sean's made the star of the show now.

Sean also has a talent agent, played by Sharon Gless. apparently she's psycho. I think Sean's her only client. they go out to dinner. she has drank after drank cuz she's drunk. she wants to recreate w/ Sean but he doesn't want to. he wants to keep things professional. he drops her off at what he thinks is her luxurious house. but she's seen walking off the property. so she must be a has been talent agent. after her failed night of recreation she goes to the set the next day bringing him some Jamba Juice. Sean's interested in an extra and Sharon Gless is glaring at the extra. in scenes from next week's ep it does show Sharon acting all psycho.

Christian has drama w/ Gina and Julia. Julia is really sick... again from the mystery poison from her girlfriend's daughter... but Christian doesn't believe she's sick. she thinks she may have AIDS. they get tested and they're both negative. Gina's still in love w/ Christian. she has AIDS and knows he has all this drama w/ Julia. she hires a clone to recreate w/ Christian to make like she's the one recreating w/ him. bizarre. he goes to her place one night to serve her a restraining order. they're on the top of a building w/ glass railings. they recreate and she falls off the building. in next week's ep Sean's puzzled as to why she would commit suicide and Christian has to tell his son his mother is dead.

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