28 January, 2008

MTV - Priciest Cribs

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#3 Wayne Newton at $45 million
at least he earned his money. his place sits on a piece of 52 acres. from what I remember an acre is almost as big as a football field... so imagine 50 football fields. huge. its like he'd have downtown Honolulu and then some all to himself and his family. I had to write down some of the things in his home. he has a 17th century piano ($1 million), dining antique centerpiece ($500K), paintings ($2 million), 18th century bed in his master bedroom ($500 K), helicopter ($1.75 million), and 75 Arabian horses ($650K... think each horse is worth this much). basically the bed he sleeps in cost a little less than the median price of a home here on Hawaii. he has other animals on his property including penguins, peacocks and wallabies. don't know if he has any dogs.

#2 Hugh Hefner at $50 million
the Playboy mansion. because of all the parties he throws he has a restaurant style kitchen. he says that his kitchen and staff and all the food they make rivals that of a 4 star restaurant. he says he's like the reverse snow white, which means he has 7 lady friends. he has all these animals like spider monkeys and (Playboy) bunnies on the property. segment also showed the infamous grotto. don't know if he has any dogs... but some of the playmates do.

#1 Richard Branson at $150 million
basically he owns Necker Island, a part of the British Virgin Islands. he calls his property there 'The Great House'. he says that he bought the island when he was 24 for about $300K, which today is roughly the median price of a condo here in Hawaii. he built up the island a little by little. if one of his many artists, like Janet Jackson, had a hit he would build something. it cost about $46K/night to rent the place. with all his money he must have several dogs.

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