14 January, 2008

Iron Chef America - Ribeye Battle ep

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watched Bobby Flay on this show for the 2nd time in its entirety. challenger chef Peter Kelly won this battle. whenever I watch Bobby Flay he cooks the secret ingredient the same way and makes it different by using different sauces. hmmm... guess I watched Food Network a lot today.

the only other ep I watched w/ Bobby Flay in its entirety was a turkey battle. basically he made turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberries, and gravy. of course he cooked the potatoes and cranberries differently and made different sauces in place of gravy. boring. somehow in that battle he pulled off a tie with the other chefs who were far more creative. from what I remember the challengers even made turkey ice cream.

so in today's ep it's basically the same thing he does... except it's w/ steak. I find it amusing whenever I watch Food Network cuz it's like if I'm eating while watching that channel, I think I'm eating plain saimin.

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