14 January, 2008

Football - NY Giants 21, Dallas 17

current song: Take You There by Sean Kingston on Da Bomb 102.7 FM

only watched 2nd half of today's game. wanted Dallas to win... especially after what happened the last time. NY winning is cool too... but don't care much for Eli Manning... as if I know him personally. anyway, he had all this drama surrounding him when drafted. it was the time the war started and Pat Tillman gave up millions to serve the country. of course watching Pac-10 football, I remember him watching him play at ASU alongside Andrew Walter. so here's one guy ending his career and another starting his. Eli would make millions no matter where he went. but from what I remember he's like... 'I don't wanna go to San Diego (boo hoo, sob sob)... I wanna go to NY (boo hoo, sob sob)... if not I won't play football.' whatever. I hope San Diego wins the game against NY if they meet in the Superbowl. also when I saw Troy Aikman on TV I wondered... where are all the Pac-10 QBs who turned pro? I mean it's a pass happy oriented conference... but where are they?

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