09 January, 2008

College Football

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another season complete. didn't watch the BCS championship cuz... puh-leeze. looked at the final polls today and again I see some east coast bias. how does Florida rank ahead of Michigan when Michigan beat Florida? how does Oregon, who has the same record as Florida... and a team that beat Michigan AT Michigan rank lower than both Florida and Michigan?

it seems the farther west you go there's no respect. when Pac-10 teams beat an SEC team somehow the SEC comes up with a reason why that SEC team lost. or something like... well that game doesn't count. but when an SEC teams wins over a Pac-10 team there are parades all over SEC country. when a bottom dweller in the Pac-10 wins over the conference (of champions) leader its because that top Pac-10 team is overrated. but when that happens in the SEC it shows the depth of the SEC. all I know is that this season Cal, a bottom half Pac-10 team beat the SEC runner up. and how does Florida rank ahead of Michigan?

hmmm... I can go on and on... but I should do some work.

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