29 January, 2008


current song: So Sick by Ne-Yo on Power 104.3 FM

swim (arms only... breast stroke) to station 2. no rest. run on sand to station 3 back to station 1. rest 3 minutes. 2 circuits.

overcast rainy afternoon. what does that mean? empty beach!!! started to rain as I changed in the parking lot. very windy too. went immediately into water to get warm. started to rain heavily while adjusting goggles. only other swimmers were the serious triathletes... probably Ann's gang, who swam in the deep. I swam close near the shore in less than knee high water depth... like an alligator does while hunting wildebeests or orcas beaching themselves while hunting seals. even though not so sunny, because nobody's kicking around sand in the shallows, which again I had all to myself, water's very clear. awesome. no jellyfish invasion. awesome. enjoy swimming using my arms only. feels good on upper body. by swimming so close to shore, my guts sucked in the entire time so as to not touch the sandy/rocky bottom. great ab workout. also I get to save my leg muscle energy when I run on the sand. I have to figure out a schedule where I do 1 lap w/out resting by the time Ann returns to the beach after giving birth, which should be about a month from now.

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