20 January, 2008


current song: Here I Am by UB40 on Island 98.5 FM

went to Ala Moana Beach this afternoon w/ Sheila. 1st time she's been to the beach this year and 11 days since the last time I went. very chillaxin'. nice day today and a lot of people there. not like New Year's Eve when I almost had the beach entirely to myself.

swam to life guard station 2 only using arms (breast stroke motion). rested and talked story for about half an hour... then swam back to station 1, again only using arms. basically 1 lap today w/ 30 minutes break at the turn.

when I got home I looked at the Giants/Packers score. I hoped that Green Bay would win, but they lost in OT. must have been a good game. now I'll be cheerin' for New England to win the Superbowl.

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