20 January, 2008

America's Next Top Model (Naima cycle) - Finale

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my favorite cycle ever... especially the runway battle where Naima and Kahlen walk on water. in this cycle there's local girl Tatiana from Maui... who I heard is the sister of Dio Dante, an awesome volleyball player from UH. I remember she posed as Gemini (the best astrological sign) in the zodiac photo shoot.

speaking of the zodiac photo shoot, there's Lluvy, who represented Pisces. according to Tyra... that pic of Lluvy as Pisces was 'the worst picture ever'. in one of the challenges during judging the models had to walk using a potato sack. Lluvy made it look sexy.

speaking of judging... Rebecca collapsed in front of everybody during one elimination making everybody freak out. and it's this cycle where Tyra snapped and went totally off on Tiffany. she's like: you're not taking this seriously. even your grandma wants this more than you do. she didn't pay the electrical bill so you could have a bikini. I'm hard on you cuz I love you. AWWW. other than that outburst from Tyra, judging hasn't been the same especially since Janice Dikinson left after this cycle. she has her own show now... Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency.

then there's Michelle who freaked everybody out when she had some sorta outbreak on her face. think she reacted to certain makeup. but all the other model wannabes are like: oh my God... she has a flesh eating disease and it's contagious. we're all gonna die. I remember at a photo shoot the girls had to pose as different ethnicities w/ kids. because of Michelle's 'disease' she had to use a doll and so all the other girls are like: it's so unfair.

anyway in that shoot the girls, with lots of makeup and ethnic clothing, they actually looked different... especially Keenyah who looked totally Korean. she struggled towards the end. even though to me she's still in shape, she gained weight, and in a couple photo shoots she posed as gluttony in the deadly sin photo shoot and later as an elephant in another. she cracked me up when she fought w/ Naima on who would open Nelson Mandela's cell when they visited it. I think she didn't even know who he was.

and then there's Brittany. I thought she would win because of her transformation from being way too sexy in the beginning to high fashion towards the end.

like I said, still my favorite cycle. during the runway battle Naima's like: walking on the water... I feel superhuman. and Kahlen's like: not only am I stomping on the people who didn't believe in me... I'm stomping on the girl who didn't believe in herself. how powerful. ha ha ha. and of course all the girls are wearing bikinis during the show. and there's Kahlen wearing one with leopard print. then they're dancing under the waterfall.

during panel the judges are like: who do we choose? the girl who did well all semester long and did so so in the final? or the girl who did so so during the semester but kicked ass in the finals? in the end Naima won. hmmm... thought this would be a short post. think the Danielle cycle is now on MTV. still can't get enough of the show.

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