21 January, 2008

Amazing Race - TK and Rachel win

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TK & Rachel win the Race. Ron & Christina 1st to get their clue in Taipei finding out final pit stop is in Achorage. from last week's ep I knew they would be going to Alaska, but I thought they'd fly off to another city... and I hoped it would be Honolulu cuz c'mon... it's Honolulu. but traveling via the Amazing Race, Alaska looks awesome.

teams head off to the airport. Ron & Christina buy their tickets and head off to a lounge to surf the internet to look up the address of some sporting goods store they have to go to once in Alaska. TK freaks out cuz he doesn't see them, making Nick freak out as well. they're like: there's only 1 flight out, where are they? I'm freaked.

so teams land in Alaska. Ron & Christina out 1st. they got seats closest to the airplane door. they're all off to the store to pick up a package that contained stuff they need for the upcoming challenges. Nick & Don (who I wanted to win this Race) read the clue at the store but forgot to take their bag of tricks.

they're all off to some waterfront where there's the detour. either 'cut the cod' or 'grab the crab'. in cut the cod teams had to gut some fish and find the next clue inside one of the butchered fish parts. in grab the crab teams had to go in a large tank holding hundreds of crabs to find a crab that had a little race flag wrapped around one of its little but painful claws.

Ron & Christina finish really fast. they get the clue and have to travel by taxi to some river where a speed boat will take them not only on an awesome scenic tour but the next task. TK & Rachel have a cab driver who doesn't know where that waterfront is. when they get there they decide to grab the crab. Rachel's like: oh my God... oh my God... we should do the other one... oh my God... oh my God. at the last moment when they're gonna do the other task TK finds the crab and gets the clue. bad luck cab driver evens out w/ last minute good luck. hmmm... is there such a thing as bad luck and good luck or is it just luck? hmmm... like the Seinfeld ep where Elaine debated w/ some lady about coincidences. there's no little or big coincidence... it's just coincidence. so they're off to the river.

Nick & Don had to go back to the sporting goods store to get the bag of goodies. they lose valuable time... but Don kicks ass butchering the fish like crazy. they find the clue and they're off to the river as well... less than 5 minutes behind TK & Rachel. at this point I'm thinking: how'd the clue get in the fish cuz the fish looked whole? if the fish had to eat it then teams should have gone straight for the stomach. then again I haven't gutted a fish and may not know what its stomach would look like.

at the end of the awesome scenic boat ride teams have to scale a glacier. don't know how high they had to climb. Ron has a fear of heights. he's also afraid of falling into the water if he slips. but he kicks ass and finishes w/ ease. Christina has trouble getting started climbing. she's like: daddy. daddy. and he's like: you can do it. you can do it. AWWW. they finish 1st and find out they have to take a scenic helicopter ride to some airfield. Alaska's awesome.

TK & Rachel climb the glacier and are off too. Don kicks ass and goes up the glacier w/ ease too. they're off to the airfield too. teams get their clue and had to take a cab ride to Captain Cook's statue. and I'm thinking: hey there's at least a Hawaii connection cuz Captain Cook died here in the islands.

teams get their clue and have to go find the salmon hooker. too bad I don't have a pic of the salmon hooker cuz she looks funny. don't know about copyright laws since I'm new to blogging. but I guess in Anchorage there's all these salmon art around the city. sorta like how Chicago had all these funky cows and how Honolulu had geckos around downtown. I remember one hanging on the 1st Hawaiian Bank building... you know... like how geckos climb walls.

so teams get their clue and have to go to a park to complete this insane roadblock. a really insane roadblock. from 15 items they had to put 10 items on a giant looking pit stop. the items were things they encountered throughout the race. there had to be 1 item from each pit stop. not only that but these items had to meet certain conditions... like there must be 3 items that are animal or animal by-products. and one of the items was the man in Japan w/ the yellow construction hat. so Christina, Rachel and I are like: are you an animal? anyway crazy roadblock. really crazy.

Rachel finishes 1st and Christina 2nd. they still have to take a cab to some airport and race to the finish line. w/ creative editing it became suspenseful. camera shows final pit stop w/ all the teams cheering on. got to see the goths again and all the other contestants. then camera shows TK & Rachel. they win and are like: I love you. I love you too. AWWW. Ron & Christina 2nd. they're like: I love you. I love you too. AWWW. finally Nick & Don come in 3rd. they're like: I hate you. I hate you too. don't ever speak to me again. no seriously... they did kick ass and that's why I hoped they would win. I mean Nick did a lot for the team and Don had to go through a lot. they're awesome. Don's the oldest person to place in the top 3. would have been awesome if they won though. but they're like: I got to spend time w/ my grandpa. I got to spend time w/ my grandson. AWWW. so all the contestants are cheerin': granda grandpa grandpa and they're all waving goodbye to the cameras.

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