14 January, 2008

Amazing Race - Taipei, Taiwan pit stop

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teams got a clue at this awesome looking skyscraper and found out they had to fly to Taipei. Nate and Jen really crack me up. last week's ep she's like 'oh my God... everything is in Japanese' and Nate this week says something like 'I like Tai food and I have Tai friends.' don't know if he was joking around (but he did sound serious) and must have thought about Thai / Thailand.

at the airport Christina played a little dirty... love it. she told the ticket agent to tell the other team (Nate and Jen) that there are no more flights, which gave Christina and her dad an edge (well not really an edge cuz somehow no matter what teams get equalized) and the 1st flight out.

teams landed in Taiwan. Nate and Jen decided to exchange currency while the other teams Nick/Don and TK/Rachel went to the very long immigration line. so now Nate and Jen are in last place.

teams had to go to a train station where they had to go to some other city. TK and Rachel lucked out cuz they met a local who told them they could buy tickets at a machine... which proved helpful later on cuz they had to buy train tickets again and going to a machine saved them some time cuz they had to complete the speed bump. anyway at that city teams got the road block where one team member had to go in a car and balance on something like a seesaw (with a pro driver) and drive underwater for 17 seconds (w/ another driver).

oh... and at the speed bump TK and Rachel had to run through firecrackers. at this time I'm thinking about New Year's here in Hawaii. it's like everybody here pops fireworks whether it be legal firecrackers or illegal aerials. it's awesome here New Year's. I always wonder what tourists think cuz it gets crazy here in Hawaii. if there are no winds sometimes smoke from the fireworks get so bad it's like driving in fog... even on the freeways.

anyway Ron and Christina complete the road block ahead of everybody else and they had to go back via train to Taipei. they found out they had to go to some tea house to drink tea and instructions would be at the bottom of the tea cup. Christina is so awesome... she's like jammin' in speaking/reading Chinese/Mandarin/Cantonese. that's hot. they had to go to a market to find a clown for their next clue.

next clue - detour... fire or earth. in fire teams had to write a message (good or bad) attached to a lantern and burn the message, which would send the lantern flying in the air. teams had to do 20 of these. in earth, teams had to walk over a path with all these rocks. I'm thinking... foot massage. all the teams did earth.

Nate and Jen kinda perplexed me. teams had to go to a park for the earth detour. they asked a local how to get there. because of traffic the local told them to take a subway and then take a bus. so I'm thinkin'... if they're gonna take a bus, why not take a cab anyway cuz the bus would have to travel the same roads? all the other teams took a cab to the park.

whenever I see teams in cabs I get nervous. Ron and Christina placed 1st and won a trip. but the other teams were in cabs and they all have their finish in this leg in the hands of the cab drivers. TK and Rachel 2nd, Nick and Don (who I want to win this Race) 3rd. Nate and Jen eliminated.

I hoped when the teams come home to the US they would come to Hawaii... but it looks like the next stop will be in Alaska.

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